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Substance Abuse in Louisiana

The most common way that drug trafficking occurs in Louisiana is through the use of private and commercial vehicles. Caribbean, Mexican and Colombian drug traffickers are primarily responsible for the drugs that are brought into the state, including marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and crack cocaine. Louisiana is definitely experiencing a serious substance abuse problem that seems to be becoming increasingly severe rather than abating. State officials and law enforcement officers are taking steps to crack down on substance abuse, but because the drugs are widely available this is not a difficult task to achieve.

  • Cocaine abuse: Cocaine is both widely trafficked and widely used throughout all of Louisiana. Crack cocaine is actually one of the most foremost concerns by law enforcement in the state because there are so many violent crimes occurring that involve the drug.
  • Heroin abuse: The distribution and abuse of heroin in the state of Louisiana is much less. Except for in the New Orleans area, law enforcement officials do not view heroin use to be a significant threat in the state.
  • Meth abuse: Methamphetamine is quickly becoming one of the most prevalent substances being abused in the state of Louisiana. Methamphetamine is currently competing with marijuana to become the top drug of choice within the state. The most common areas where methamphetamine labs are found include rural and isolated communities throughout the state.
  • Club Drugs: Currently on the rise in the state of Louisiana is the popularity, the distribution and the abuse of club drugs. The college and university crowd happens to be very involved when it comes to the distribution and the use of these drugs. Some of the most common drugs being distributed through Louisiana right now are GHB, LSD and ketamine in addition to ecstasy or MDMA.
  • Marijuana abuse: In recent years, marijuana use in the state of Louisiana has been rising steeply. This is especially true among youth aged between 18 and 20. The cost and the availability of marijuana in the state make it easy to obtain and use. Another reason why marijuana is used as often as it is comes from the fact that people believe they will not be caught by law enforcement for buying or using the drug.

Substance Abuse Statistics

Louisiana treatment centers provide the state with statistics about substance abuse admissions so that people can better understand the substance abuse situation in the state. Law enforcement officials and stat employees can use this information to determine what steps need to be taken to help people overcome substance abuse. The only way to overcome the substance abuse epidemic on a large scale is to attack it at the foundation.

  • According to statistics provided by Louisiana treatment centers in 2008, 71.7 percent of all substance abuse treatment admissions are made by men. This is versus 28.3 percent of all substance abuse treatment admissions which are made by women.
  • According to statistics provided by Louisiana treatment centers in 2008, 15.7 percent of all admissions to substance abuse treatment facilities related to alcoholism, and an additional 21.9 percent related to a combination between alcoholism and another substance such as cocaine or heroin.
  • According to statistics provided by Louisiana treatment centers in 2008, smoked cocaine amounted for 20.4 percent of all admissions and an additional 4.9 percent of all admissions had to do with cocaine taken in other ways.
  • According to statistics provided by Louisiana treatment centers in 2008, 20.2 percent of all admissions to substance abuse treatment centers related to marijuana use. An additional 2.3 percent related to heroin use. Finally, methamphetamine use and abuse accounted for 1.7 percent of all substance abuse admissions.
  • According to statistics provided by Louisiana treatment centers in 2008, the age groups most commonly admitted into treatment facilities in Louisiana range from 21 to 45. 16 percent of admissions fall into the 36 to 40 group. 15.2 percent accounts for the 21 to 25 age group and the 31 to 35 age group.

Detox and Withdrawal

The first thing that you need to understand about substance abuse recovery is withdrawal, and why going through professional detox is the best way to make this process more comfortable. When you become addicted to a substance like drugs or alcohol, your body learns to expect you to have it in your system. When you suddenly stop drinking or taking the drug, your body responds in the form of withdrawal symptoms.


For some drugs and substances, these withdrawal symptoms are a minor discomfort. For others, they are significantly more serious and can even be deadly. Many people who attempt to quit taking a drug cold turkey end up going back to it because they cannot handle the withdrawal symptoms that result. Professional Louisiana treatment programs anticipate the withdrawal symptoms, however, and they help you get through them by providing you with treatment, a safe and healthy environment and anything else that you need during the healing process.


Because the withdrawal symptoms are going to occur no matter what, the best thing that you can do is get professional medical and treatment help from Louisiana treatment centers. These treatment centers are designed to provide you with the support and the care that you need to overcome your substance abuse problem without the discomfort associated with withdrawal. Being able to treat the symptoms as they arise is the best way to make sure that you avoid relapse, so make sure that you go through detox properly and completely by trusting yourself to the care of Louisiana drug treatment centers.


Treating Substance Abuse

There are two parts to every treatment for substance abuse. The first is detox, which handles the physical elements of the addiction. The second is rehabilitation, which focuses on the healing, the lifestyle changes and the healthy habits that will prevent a relapse from occurring in the future. You cannot have one without the other: You need to go through both parts of the process in order to make sure that you do not struggle with substance abuse or addiction again in the future.


One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to research different Louisiana treatment centers and what they offer. Figure out what your individual needs are, and determine which of the Louisiana treatment centers available to you is going to provide the best solution to meet your needs. This is going to mean asking yourself a few very important questions. For example:  

  • Are you looking for an outpatient therapy program or an inpatient therapy program?
  • Are you looking for a short term program or a long term program? Do you seek a program that has a definite end, such as a 30 day rehab program, or something that you can utilize until you feel comfortable checking out?
  • Are there any specific detox needs that you have? Are you looking for a rapid detox under sedation, or a medically assisted detox?
  • Are there any specific therapies that you are looking to take advantage of? Do you want group therapy or family therapy? Are you seeking out a 12 step program? Are you looking for individual, one on one therapy or a specific type of counseling such as cognitive behavioral therapy or behavior modification? If there is a specific type of rehab and recovery that you are looking for, ask the treatment facilities in Louisiana that you are considering in order to make sure they offer exactly what you need.


Louisiana Substance Abuse Opportunities

There are many Louisiana treatment centers for you to choose from, and so it will behoove you to consider as many different options as you can. When you consider different treatment centers in Louisiana, then that is when you can best make an informed decision about the right treatment facility for you. Louisiana treatment programs are designed to meet a wide variety of different needs. There is no single one size fits all solution to substance abuse recovery, but choosing the right Louisiana treatment facilities can definitely help.


Pare down your list of Louisiana treatment centers until you find the one that is best going to address your needs. Make sure that it provides the solution that is best going to address your problem. Read reviews to find out what other people are saying. Call the rehab facility to make sure they can take you, and that they offer the services and support that you seek. Finally, make a pledge to yourself and to the rehab facility that you are going to get the help that you need.

Are you ready to take that leap? With so many Louisiana treatment centers available to you, there really is no reason to hesitate. Start looking for the right Louisiana treatment center today so that you can get the ball rolling on your substance abuse recovery once and for all. The help you need is out there. You can begin living a sober and healthy lifestyle as soon as you make the pledge.

Call 1-888-565-6401 for addiction help and recovery assistance in Louisiana 24 hours a day.

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